My name is Chad.
I design websites.


As an independent contractor for L.L.Bean, I was initially tasked with standardization of HTML markup throughout their massive codebase. I soon moved on to act as sole developer on their chat replacement project, integrating vendor chat, email, and telephony service with the site. Finally, as part of a four-person team, I helped to create an entirely new responsive front-end specifically optimized for tablet devices.



My most recent freelance client, M3AE wanted to re-brand their architectural firm and give their outdated website a much-needed facelift. The site was developed from the ground up with my own framework, only relying on the SUSY grid system for the responsive layout. Two small JS libraries were used for the image slider on the homepage and the pop-in image galleries on the Projects page. The Projects page and its pop-ins are generated using AJAX to parse a JSON file that contains each project's info and image paths, which was generated by a scraper I wrote to pull content from their previous website, which had the image gallery scattered across hundreds of pages.


D&S Auto

One of my oldest clients, D&S Auto required a website that would showcase their frequently-changing inventory of luxury automobiles. Though the front-end is somewhat outdated, the back-end administration system - built with PHP and MySQL - allows them to fully manage their inventory as well as their site's content, including multiple simultaneous image uploads and drag-and-drop AJAX reordering of their inventory and images.


Husson University

Due to Husson University's continued growth, extensibility was a key requirement for their interactive campus map, and my primary reason for utilising the Google Maps API v3 as my development platform. Another major goal was to create an adaptive map that functioned equally well across PC, mobile, and tablet platforms. This was accomplished using a combination of user-agent sniffers and jQuery to re-style the map depending on the platform on which it is being viewed. Mobile and tablet platforms were designed to function as though they were standalone applications rather than simple mobile websites.

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